Transaction Types
Fraud Protection
Online Reports
Application Settings
    Enable Cash Back for Debit
    Add a Logo on Receipt-SecurePOS
    Include Comments on Receipts
    Add a Logo at the SecurePOS Login Screen
    Change Password
    Prompt for Amount Confirmation
    Minimize SecurePOS Application to System Tray
    Print Tip Line on the Receipt
    Relabel the Customer ID Field
    Authorize (Auth) Only Transactions
    Include Customer ID on Receipts
    Send Contact Information with a Transaction
    Enable Audit Settings
    Enable the PIN Pad
    Send Invoice Information with a Transaction
    Auto Print Receipt on Approval
    Send a Note with a Transaction
    Change the Width of the Receipt
    Enable the Signature Pad
    Send Billing Information with a Transaction
    Enable a Specific Printer
    Enable the Card Reader