Virtual Terminal Billing Statement

This statement displays a summary of all fees associated with processing transactions through this system.

STEP 1:  Click "Transaction" on the top menu bar, scroll down and select "Online Reports".

STEP 2:  The log in window for Online Virtual Terminal will open, type the same "Username" and "Password" to log in as used for SecurePOS™.


STEP 3:  Select "Reports" on the top menu bar.

STEP 4:  In the Reports window, select "Virtual Terminal Billing Statement" under the Merchant Statements section.

STEP 5:  In the Billing Statement window, click on the calendar icons to select the "Start Date:" and "End Date:".

STEP 6:  Click the "Search" button.


STEP 7:  The Virtual Terminal Billing Statement results will appear in the window.


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