Install a Signature Pad

One of the Advantages of using SecurePOS™ is that an Electronic Signature Pad can be installed. The signature pad comes with its own drivers which will have to be installed. Please do not connect the signature pad to the PC until instructed to do so during the installation process.

NOTE:  If the Installation CD is not available, go to or click on "" to download the driver for the signature pad. This can be found under "SecurePOS™ Accessories".


STEP 1:  Insert the CD; the Topaz Systems SigPlus eSignature Installation window will open, click "Install SigPlus eSignatures" (must be installed first).

STEP 2:  The AutoPlay window will open, select "Run installmenu.exe".


NOTE:  Click "Allow" if the The User Account Control window opens.


STEP 3:  Click the "Next" button.


STEP 4:  Click the "Next" button.


STEP 5:  Default settings for the destination folder is C:\Windows, if you want to change the location of the folder, click the "Browse" button and navigate to the new location, otherwise click the "Next" button.


STEP 6:  Select the radio button for the operating system that is being used and click the "OK" button.


STEP 7:  Select the correct radio button for the signature pad model number located on the back of the pad.


STEP 8:  Select the "HSB" radio button and click the "OK" button.

NOTE:  This selection should only be made if your device is on our Supported Hardware list.


STEP 9:  Verify the signature pad is disconnected and click the "OK" button.


STEP 10:  Read the License Agreement and click the "Agree" button.


STEP 11:  Select either the "Yes" (default selection) or "No" radio button for "Would you like a shortcut to Demo Ocx.exe, the Topaz e-signature demonstration and test program, placed on your desktop?" and click the "OK" button.


STEP 12:  Click the "OK" button.


STEP 13:  Click the "OK" button twice.


STEP 14:  Click the "OK" button and reconnect the signature pad to the computer.


STEP 15:  Click the "Finish" button to complete the installation.


STEP 16:  Click "Cancel" to exit the setup window.


STEP 17:  Click the "Exit Setup" button to close application.


After the installation has been completed, verify the signature pad is enabled in SecurePOS™ by going to Enable the Signature Pad in the help menu.



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