Install a VeriFone Reader/PIN Pad Combo - MX 830

NOTE:  This demo was installed in the Windows Vista operating system environment. The actual screen images seen during installation may be different from the screen shots. Do not login to SecurePOS™ until given directions to sign in. Make sure that the USB device is not plugged in. Notification will be given when to plug in the device.


STEP 1:  Open Internet Explorer or other Web browser and go to "". Under "SecurePOS Accessories", select "VeriFone Reader/PIN Pad Combo - MX830" and click "Download Driver".


STEP 2:  Click the "Run" button If the File Download - Security Warning window opens.

NOTE:  Click the "Run" button If the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window opens.

NOTE:  Click "Allow" If the User Account Control window opens.


STEP 3:  Insert the multiport cable by plugging it into the bottom socket on the terminal and route the cable through the slot to the desired exit side.  (See image below)

NOTE:  The MX830 can be connected to the PC by using any serial port, plug it into a port wherever accessible.

STEP 4:  Plug the USB connector of the multiport cable into the USB port in the back of the CPU or hub. (See image below)


Now that the driver has been installed, it may take the computer 2-3 minutes to recognize the device. Navigate to the computers "Device Manager", the Device name and COM number will be visible. To locate the COM number for your device, click or go to Locating the COM Port Number.  

Make sure the device is enabled in SecurePOS™, by clicking or going to Enable the Card Reader. If the device is not working, try restarting the computer and logging back into SecurePOS™.


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