Install a VeriFone 1000 SE USB/Serial

NOTE:  This demo was installed in the Windows Vista operating system environment. The actual screen images seen during installation may be different from the screen shots. Do not login to SecurePOS™ until given directions to sign in. Make sure that the USB device is not plugged in. Notification will be given when to plug in the device.

STEP 1:  Open Internet Explorer or other Web browser and go to "". Under "SecurePOS Accessories", select "Verifone USB PIN pad 1000-SE" and double-click "Download Driver".  


 STEP 2:  Click "Open".

NOTE:  Click "Allow" if the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window opens.


STEP 3:  Click "Extract all files" from the top menu bar.


STEP 4:  Click the "Extract" button.


STEP 5:  If you are installing the PIN Pad by USB connection, click "PP1000SE", and continue with "STEP 5".

 If you are installing the PIN Pad by Serial connection, click "installvfi".  (Please read the note below)

NOTE:  Click "Run" if the Open File - Security Warning window opens while running the "installvfi" file. Skip the rest of these steps and go to the "Please Read" notice at the bottom of this page. The installation for the serial connection has been completed.


STEP 6:  Click the "Run" button when the Compressed (zipped) Folders window opens.


STEP 7:  Click "Run" if prompted.

STEP 8:  Click "Run" if the Open File - Security Warning window opens.

STEP 9:  Click "Allow" if the User Account Control window opens.


STEP 10:  Press the number "2" when the Command Prompt window opens and then press "Enter".


STEP 11:  Enter a COM port number (choose any number from 2 - 15, the number 1 is not recommended) and then press "Enter".


STEP 12:  Click "Run" if the Open File - Security Warning window opens.


STEP 13:  Command Prompt should read "The driver is now installing COM 2" (or the COM number that was entered).


STEP 14:  Click "Allow" if the User Account Control window opens.

STEP 15:  Click "Install this driver software anyway" if the Windows Security window opens.


STEP 16:  The Command Prompt window should read "The driver has now been installed! To COM 2" (or the COM number entered). This screen will close automatically when complete. Do not close it manually.


STEP 17:  Now that the driver has been installed, restart the computer and plug in the device. The Driver Software Installation window will display "The software for this device has been successfully installed."


After the device is plugged in, make sure the device is enabled in SecurePOS™, by clicking or going to Enable the PIN Pad. If the device is not working, try restarting the computer and logging back into SecurePOS™.


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